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Ears are a notable facial feature that adds to one’s facial beauty. Disproportionate ears, or ones that stick out from the face have an unfavorable influence on one’s appearance and make one self-conscious. Get the perfect ears with otoplasty at Dr. Anjali's Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, Visakhapatnam. Book an appointment with Dr. Anjali today!

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is a cosmetic surgical treatment used to modify the patient’s ears to make them proportionate, symmetrical, and aesthetically positioned to accentuate the patient’s appearance. Macrotia (excessively big ears), protruding ears (one or both ears in different degrees), or general dissatisfaction with the shape or appearance of one’s ears might be treated with an otoplasty.

Who is the right candidate for Otoplasty?

The ideal candidate for otoplasty should be:

If you fit the above criteria, then you are a good candidate for otoplasty surgery. Book an appointment with Dr. Anjali today to learn more!

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What to expect at the consultation for Otoplasty?

During the consultation for otoplasty, Dr. Anjali will closely examine your ears. She will ask you about the problems you face due to your ears. She will also ask about any hearing issues you may have.

During the consultation, Dr. Anjali will take notes on your medical history, including any allergies or medications that may affect the surgery. She will ask you about expectations and goals from the surgery and explain the procedure and potential risks to you in detail.

At the end of the consultation, Dr. Anjali will answer any questions you may have about otoplasty surgery. She will ensure that you have realistic expectations from the results of the surgery.


How is Otoplasty performed?

The following are the steps of otoplasty surgery:

How is the recovery after Otoplasty?

After the surgery, your ears will be covered with bandages. To heal properly, they must be concealed. Over the next few days, you may feel discomfort and pain. Please keep in mind that this discomfort and suffering are minor, so there is no cause for concern. Dr. Anjali will prescribe painkillers for you to reduce the amount of discomfort you will feel.

It is recommended for you to avoid sleeping on your sides, to avoid any changes in the position of your ears.

A week after the surgery, Dr. Anjali will remove the bandages and carefully evaluate your ears to ensure that there are no complications.

Your ears will be slightly reddish and swollen for two to three weeks since they are still healing. You will be asked to wear a headband that covers your ears for two to six weeks to prevent your ears from being pushed forward in your sleep.


How much does Otoplasty cost?

Generally, otoplasty is not covered by insurance since it is a cosmetic procedure. The total cost of otoplasty depends on a lot of different factors like the deformity and the kind of surgery and anaesthesia required.

During the consultation, Dr. Anjali will examine the patient’s goals and objectives and discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the surgery before determining the total cost of otoplasty.

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What are the benefits of Otoplasty?

Otoplasty has a lot of benefits for patients with uneven, large, or protruding ears. This surgery can:

What are the possible risks and complications of Otoplasty?

As with any surgery, otoplasty carries a few potential risks and complications. The risks and complications associated with otoplasty include bleeding, infection, and fluid accumulation. Dr. Anjali prescribes antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection. In the case of hematoma (blood accumulation) or seroma (fluid accumulation), she will treat them with a simple drainage.

While otoplasty is a generally safe procedure, it is important to be aware of the risks and complications before undergoing surgery. Dr. Anjali will discuss the risks and complications associated with otoplasty in detail during the consultation.

Get The Perfect Ears You Have Always Wanted With Otoplasty At Visakhapatnam

If you have any questions about otoplasty or any other procedure, do not hesitate to book a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Anjali who will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Ear Surgery Before / Afters

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Ear Surgery Left Side View
case 1 Ear Surgery Left Side View
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Ear Surgery Right Side View
case 2 Ear Surgery Right Side View
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Ear Surgery Left Side View
case 3 Ear Surgery Left Side View
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Ear Surgery Left Side View
case 4 Ear Surgery Left Side View
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Ear Surgery Left Side View
case 5 Ear Surgery Left Side View
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Ear Surgery Right Side View
case 6 Ear Surgery Right Side View
Disclaimer: The case examples displayed are of real patients and the work of Dr. Anjali Saple. One's result should not be interpreted as typical, as results may vary from case to case.

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