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The human hand is a miracle of evolution. Its prehensile function is what makes us stand apart from the other species. Such a small part of the body houses 27 bones, 17 muscles and numerous pulleys and ligaments which indicates the complex function the human hand does. Needless to say, if your hand is impaired in any way, it needs to be evaluated by a hand expert. With hand surgery at Dr. Anjali's Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, Visakhapatnam, you can get your hand back to normal!

About Hand Injuries, Diseases, and Birth Deformities

Hand injuries, diseases, and birth deformities can have a profound impact on a person’s life. Many everyday activities, such as writing, cooking, and cleaning, can become difficult or impossible. In addition, hand problems can lead to social isolation and depression. There are many different causes of hand problems, including trauma, disease, and birth defects. Traumatic hand injuries can occur from falls, car accidents, or other trauma. Diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to hand problems. Some people are born with hand deformities. Regardless of the cause, hand problems can be debilitating and should be treated by a doctor who is trained in hand surgery.

What is Hand Surgery?

Hand surgery is a wide field within plastic surgery, with a variety of techniques. Hand surgeons are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of hand injuries, diseases, and deformities. The main goal of hand surgery is to restore function, minimize pain, and improve the appearance of the hand.


Are you an ideal candidate for Hand Surgery?

You are an ideal candidate for hand surgery if:

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What to expect at the consultation for Hand Surgery?

At the consultation, Dr. Anjali will examine your hands and ask about your medical history. Photographs will be taken for before-and-after comparisons. Dr. Anjali will discuss your goals and expectations and recommend a course of treatment. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about hand surgery and to ask any questions you may have.

How is Hand Surgery performed?

Hand surgery usually involves reconstructive and microsurgery techniques. Reconstructive hand surgery is performed to correct hand deformities that are the result of trauma, disease, or birth defects. Microsurgery is a type of surgery that uses a microscope to repair more delicate parts like small nerves and blood vessels. This type of surgery is often used in hand surgery to reconnect nerves and vessels that have been cut or damaged.

There are various types of hand surgery. Dr. Anjali will select the best surgery for you based on the underlying cause. As a result, determining the true source of your condition is at the top of Dr. Anjali ’s priority list.

Following is the list of hand surgery procedures that can be used to correct any hand deformities and restore function and aesthetic appeal to your hand:


How is the recovery after Hand Surgery?

The surgery is a daycare procedure, so you may return to your home the same day. After surgery, your hand may be immobilized in a bandage or splint. Dr. Anjali will decide the duration of the immobilization.

Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure a speedy and smooth recovery. These include taking pain medication as soon as you get home before the anesthesia has worn off; getting physical therapy to improve mobility; keeping your dressings in place and dry at all times; and keeping your arm and hand raised for 3-5 days after the surgery (if the swelling and discomfort continue, keep it elevated). All of these things will help you heal faster and better after your surgery.

After surgery, you may be restricted in certain activities. This will be determined by Dr. Anjali based on each patient’s situation.


What are the benefits of Hand Surgery?

The benefits of hand surgery can range from improved function and mobility to pain relief. Depending on the type of procedure Dr. Anjali performs, patients may also experience a cosmetic improvement in the appearance of their hands.

How is the cost of Hand Surgery determined?

The cost of hand surgery can vary depending on the type of procedure Dr. Anjali performs, as well as the facility where the surgery is performed. To get an estimate of the cost of your specific procedure, please book a consultation with Dr. Anjali .

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What are the risks of Hand Surgery?

Although hand surgery is generally safe, there are always risks associated with any type of surgery. Specific risks related to hand surgery include infection, nerve damage, stiffness, and blood clots. These risks are usually low, but if they occur, Dr. Anjali will manage them effectively.


Patient Story

Rare surgery performed at Seven Hills Hospital, Visakhapatnam by Plastic Surgery Team

First surgery of its kind to have been performed in Andhra Pradesh

Sheikh Rehman will soon be brushing his teeth and buttoning his shirt on his own, thanks to a recent surgery he underwent in the Plastic Surgery department at Seven Hills Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Anjali Saple.

The problem:

This 38-year-old man who works as a linesman at APSEB sustained an unfortunate accident a year back when he was working on a transformer that was accidentally switched on by a coworker. This left him severely crippled with his right hand amputated below the elbow and his left hand without the thumb and index fingers. A prosthesis (artificial hand) was customized for his right hand but he still had to depend on his wife for his basic day-to-day activities.

As humans, what sets us apart is our prehensile function. The thumb enables us to not only grasp big objects but also do fine intricate works like writing and painting. It performs 50% of the hand function and in its absence, the hand is almost useless. It is no wonder then, that it is called the “King of Digits!” The story of Dronacharya asking for Elkavya’s thumb as Guru Dakshina so that he would not surpass Arjuna is common knowledge!

The solution: Toe-to-thumb transfer surgery

There was finally a ray of hope for Sheikh Rehman when last week, he got a new thumb thanks to the efforts of Dr. Anjali Saple and Dr. Sumitra Gantayet. The second toe of his right foot was successfully transplanted onto his left hand.

This technically challenging surgery is called “toe to thumb transfer” and is truly the acme of all microsurgery!!

About toe to thumb transfer:

Of all the methods of thumb reconstruction, toe transfer is the most superior because the toe resembles the thumb in structure and function. This is the first surgery of its kind to have been performed in Andhra Pradesh and is undoubtedly well worth the time, technical skill, and infrastructure required for it. Removal of the second toe does not affect how the person walks, at the same time restoring the critical function of the hand. This surgery is a boon for individuals who may have lost their thumbs accidentally or for children who are born with deformed thumbs.

The procedure:

The surgery took nearly 11 hours wherein the blood vessels, nerves, tendons, and bones of the toe were carefully divided and then painstakingly joined to the vessels, nerves, tendons, and bones of the thumb under the microscope till there was good blood flow through the new thumb. These vessels (arteries) are not more than 1.5 mm in diameter and the veins are even smaller.

The results:

Sheikh Rehman started walking within 4 days and has now started dedicated physiotherapy to teach his toe to function like a thumb.

This surgery will go a long way in rehabilitating Sheikh Rehman not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically and his entire family is extremely grateful for the untiring efforts put in by Dr. Anjali Saple to make him self-reliant.


Regain Hand’s Normal Function & Aesthetics With Hand Surgery At Dr. Anjali's Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, Visakhapatnam

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Finger Deformity Before / Afters

case 1
Finger deformity
case 1 Finger deformity
Disclaimer: The case examples displayed are of real patients and the work of Dr. Anjali Saple. One's result should not be interpreted as typical, as results may vary from case to case.

Hand Surgery Before / Afters

case 1
Hand Surgery
case 1 Hand Surgery
Disclaimer: The case examples displayed are of real patients and the work of Dr. Anjali Saple. One's result should not be interpreted as typical, as results may vary from case to case.

Meet Dr. Anjali Saple

Dr. Anjali Saple is a skilled and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Visakhapatnam, India. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and is a perfectionist to the core. Dr. Anjali Saple completed her M.B.B.S, M.S. General Surgery and DNB Plastic Surgery from the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Hospital, Mumbai.<br> She then took special training in Cosmetic Surgery at Mercy Hospital, Buffalo, USA, and at Santa Casa Hospital, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has been practicing as a Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Visakhapatnam for the last 22 years. She regularly upgrades her skills to impart the best possible care to her patients and her 25 years of experience have made her one of the most sought-after surgeons in Visakhapatnam, India.

Dr. Anjali Saple
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