Slim Down and Sculpt Your Body: Explore Liposuction in Vizag

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Stubborn Fat Got You Down? Liposuction Can Help
If you have always dreamt of those curves and a toned appearance, liposuction is the answer for you. At Dr. Anjali’s Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, Visakhapatnam, experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Anjali offers liposuction surgery that will enhance your contours while boosting self-confidence! Book a consultation now!

Understanding Liposuction: How It Works and Benefits You

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat in specific areas of your body. The procedure can be used by anyone who has tried to lose weight through dieting or exercise with little success, as it takes away the problem at its source - removing stubborn fat without harming healthy surrounding structures like skin and muscle!


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Achieving Your Body Goals: Types of Liposuction Procedures

  1. Traditional liposuction: Also called suction-assisted liposuction (SAL), this is the most common type of liposuction. The surgeon inserts a small, hollow tube called a cannula through a tiny incision in your skin and breaks up the fat cells with gentle back-and-forth movements. The fat is then suctioned out through the cannula. This is done by initially injecting tumescent which is a special fluid that helps dissolve the fat and also reduces bleeding during the procedure. The liquefied fat is then sucked out completely.
  2. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL): Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is a new and innovative liposuction technique that uses sound waves (ultrasonic waves) to break up fatty tissue cells. The liquefied fat is sucked away by suction. This procedure works best on fibrous areas like the back or male breast. Expert liposuction surgeon Dr. Anjali Saple uses the VIBROFIT for power-assisted liposuction. The VIBROFIT is a vibratory liposuction device that uses a high-performance motor along with liposuction cannulas. It provides greater comfort and efficiency during the removal of fat than traditional liposuction. The vibrations of the cannula that is connected to the VIBROFIT motor allow for easy penetration into the adipose tissue, giving the surgeon a better way to “sculpt” the body.
  3. Power-assisted liposuction (PAL): PAL is a form of body contouring surgery that uses specialized cannulas with an efficient system to move back and forth. It allows the surgeon to access fat more easily than traditional methods, which results in smaller incisions while still achieving great looks! It also reduces the surgeon’s effort while performing the procedure.
  4. Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL): LAL is a less invasive alternative to traditional lipo for removing unwanted fat using the power of laser therapy and heat; it requires injection with tumescent fluid beforehand.

Who is the right candidate for Liposuction?

According to expert plastic surgeon Dr. Anjali Saple, the ideal candidates should meet all of the following criteria:

The ideal candidates will have all of the following criteria met:

  • They must have excess fat deposits that have not responded to diet and exercise.
  • They must be at or near their ideal body weight.
  • They must have good skin elasticity.
  • They must have realistic expectations for the results of the procedure.
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What to expect at the consultation for Liposuction?

Experienced liposuction surgeon Dr. Anjali will discuss the following points with you during your liposuction consultation at Dr. Anjali's Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, Visakhapatnam:

  • Your surgical goals, medical conditions, and drug allergies as well as any treatments you may be currently undergoing
  • Dr. Anjali may also ask about any previous surgeries you may have undergone earlier.
  • Dr. Anjali will also discuss the most likely outcomes of the liposuction procedure and any risks or potential complications

How is Liposuction performed?

  • Step 1: Dr. Anjali will use a local anesthetic or general anesthesia depending on what’s best for you.

  • Step 2: Fat cells are loosened using tumescent injection using multiple tiny cuts which are made in locations where they will not be very obvious. The loosened fat cells are then removed using a small tube also known as a cannula which is connected to a suction machine at the other end. The type of liposuction surgery determines the size of the cannulas that are used. Fat is extracted carefully so as not to harm the underlying tissue and overlying skin.

  • Step 3: After the fat has been extracted, the tiny incisions are closed. These incisions usually heal well and the scars fade off over time.

  • Step 4: After the liposuction procedure the patient is made to wear a compression garment which helps reduce the pain and swelling faster.

What procedures can be combined with Liposuction?

Liposuction in Visakhapatnam can be combined with other cosmetic procedures to achieve better results. Some of the most common procedures that are done in combination with liposuction are breast augmentation , tummy tuck, and male breast reduction.


How is the recovery after Liposuction?

The majority of patients may be discharged from the clinic, Visakhapatnam on the same day. The pressure garments should be worn as long as the doctor deems necessary. Most patients will be advised to keep it on for three to four months.

The area that was liposuctioned appears slightly swollen. In most cases, the swelling dissipates in 2-3 weeks.

Light activity can be resumed after 3-7 days of recovery time. After two weeks, light weights may be lifted. At this time, one can return to full-time work.


What is the cost of Liposuction in India?

Liposuction is considered a cosmetic procedure, which means that insurance will not cover the cost. The final cost of liposuction can be highly dependent on a variety of factors:

  • Technique/method of liposuction
  • Number of body parts
  • Type of anesthesia
  • Fees of the team of doctors
  • Fees of consultation
  • Cost of the facility
  • Cost of medical tests, dressings, and post-surgery garments

What is the cost of Liposuction in Visakhapatnam?

The cost of liposuction in Visakhapatnam is as follows:

  • Ranges from Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 50000/- for a single area
  • Starts from Rs. 80,000/- for multiple areas

When you come for a consultation, plastic surgeon Dr. Anjali Saple will discuss all aspects with you in detail and give you an estimate of the liposuction surgery cost.

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Look and Feel Your Best: The Benefits of Liposuction

The following are some of the benefits of liposuction:

  1. Liposuction is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted fat from your body. There are many people who have been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight by punishing exercise routines, extreme diets and harmful pills. These methods work to an extent, but in many instances fail to give the desired results and instead make the person look old and tired by reducing fat from areas like the cheeks and neck, while the stubborn fat around the belly and thighs refuses to go. Liposuction is the only way one can get rid of unwanted fat in some areas leaving other areas untouched thus getting a beautifully contoured body with a perfect shape.
  2. Liposuction can reduce the appearance of cellulite, giving you a more toned appearance.
  3. Fat loss achieved through liposuction can improve your physical health in multiple ways. It can make you more confident and also help you perform physical exercise which was earlier hampered by the fat folds and hanging skin. It also reduces insulin requirement in diabetics.
  4. Having excess fat can be very damaging to your self-esteem. Liposuction can help you feel better about yourself overall and motivate you further to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So if you have been thinking of getting a liposuction procedure done, get started now and step into that healthy body and kickstart your fitness routine and healthy diet. We can help you get there faster!!


Considering Liposuction? Risks, Recovery, and What to Expect

Liposuction is generally a safe and effective cosmetic procedure, however, there are certain risks associated with it. Some possible risks of liposuction include chances of infection, anesthesia risks, seroma, and hematoma. If any complications do occur, Board-Certified Plastic surgeon Dr. Anjali will treat them safely and effectively.

Large volume liposuction is a major procedure which may be fraught with some risks like a drop in the haemoglobin levels and these patients need to be kept in the hospital for a day or two till they are strong enough to be discharged. Many a time this procedure is performed by unqualified and unskilled personnel in unindicated conditions. That is when fatal complications may occur. Hence this procedure is best done by an expert plastic surgeon in a well-equipped hospital setup where any complication can be easily and promptly managed.

Dr. Anjali takes great care to minimize the risks associated with the liposuction procedure.

Remove Excess Fat And Tone Your Body Today With Liposuction

If you have any questions about liposuction or any other procedure, do not hesitate to book a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Anjali who will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Liposuction Before / Afters

case 1
This image shows a before-and-after picture of the patient following surgery at Dr. Anjali Saple Clinic | Liposuction
case 1 Liposuction
case 2
This image shows a before-and-after picture of the patient following surgery at Dr. Anjali Saple Clinic | Neck Left View
case 2 Neck Left View
This image shows a before-and-after picture of the patient following surgery at Dr. Anjali Saple Clinic | Neck Right View
case 2 Neck Right View
Disclaimer: The case examples displayed are of real patients and the work of Dr. Anjali Saple. One's result should not be interpreted as typical, as results may vary from case to case.

Meet Dr. Anjali Saple

Dr. Anjali Saple is a skilled and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Visakhapatnam, India. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and is a perfectionist to the core. Dr. Anjali Saple completed her M.B.B.S, M.S. General Surgery and DNB Plastic Surgery from the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Hospital, Mumbai.<br> She then took special training in Cosmetic Surgery at Mercy Hospital, Buffalo, USA, and at Santa Casa Hospital, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has been practicing as a Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Visakhapatnam for the last 22 years. She regularly upgrades her skills to impart the best possible care to her patients and her 25 years of experience have made her one of the most sought-after surgeons in Visakhapatnam, India.

Dr. Anjali Saple
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