10 Nose Troubles Reshaped by Rhinoplasty Surgery (9th is Most Common)

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is one of the most popular and versatile surgical procedures available today. It’s a transformative surgical procedure that not only enhances the appearance of the nose but also improves its functionality.

Dr. Anjali Saple,  a highly skilled plastic surgeon, offers rhinoplasty as a solution to various nasal concerns. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the incredible ways in which rhinoplasty can address 10 common nose issues, reshaping both form and function.

1. Nose Size and Balance

Do you feel that your nose is disproportionate to your facial structure? Whether it’s too small or too big, an awkward nose size can make your nose stand out. Dr. Saple’s rhinoplasty expertise allows for precise adjustments to balance the size of your nose with your facial features, achieving the ideal nasolabial angle and harmonious proportions.

2. Correcting Nose Angles

Nose angles play a crucial role in the aesthetics of your nose. A sharp angle between your nose and forehead can make your nose appear short, while a shallow angle can make it look long. The angle of your nose about your upper lip also affects your overall appearance. Dr. Anjali Saple examines your nose from all angles and creates a personalized plan to restore natural-looking angles for a more attractive nose, including achieving the desired nasolabial angle.

3. Refining Nose Shape

The shape of your nose can significantly impact your facial appearance. Whether it’s unusually flat, prominent, crooked noses, or hooked, rhinoplasty surgeons like Dr. Saple, can refine the shape of your nose using advanced techniques that involve reshaping the nasal cartilage to provide attractive, natural definition.

In one of the cases that came to Dr. Anjali, the patient had wide nostrils. After the rhinoplasty procedure, the looks changed for the better.



4. Narrowing the Nose

A wide nose can draw unwanted attention. Rhinoplasty offers the possibility to narrow the nose by reinforcing the bridge, creating a more refined front profile and greater projection, all while addressing concerns related to the nasal bones and nasal spine. Dr. Saple’s expertise ensures that your nose complements your facial features, improving your overall aesthetic.

5. Nostril Width and Size

If you have concerns about the width and size of your nostrils, rhinoplasty can offer solutions. Whether your nostrils are too wide, large, small, or narrow, Dr. Saple can adjust them by removing tissue, reducing flaring, or altering the angle and nasal tip. These precise adjustments can bring your nostrils into better proportion with your nose, addressing wide nose concerns.

6.  Nose Tip Enhancement

The tip of the nose is a common concern for many rhinoplasty patients. Whether your nasal tip is ill-defined, hooked, bulbous, droopy, or upturned, rhinoplasty can normalize its appearance. Dr. Saple’s skill ensures that your nose looks more natural, well-defined, and balanced, improving both the shape and the nasolabial angle.

7. Smoothing Indentations and Bumps

Indentations or depressions, especially along the nasal bridge, can result from genetic abnormalities or injuries. Dr. Saple can address these concerns through rhinoplasty by filling out these indentations, creating a smoother and more defined bridge, and eliminating the appearance of a saddle nose deformity. This results in a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing nose.

For those of you who are wondering about what a saddle nose looks like, here’s the picture.



8. Profile and Projection

Your nose’s projection, whether excessive or insufficient, can dramatically affect your profile. Rhinoplasty with Dr. Saple can redefine and balance the nose, creating a harmonious profile view. This ensures that your nose, forehead, mouth, and chin all appear in perfect balance, addressing any concerns related to the nasal bones, nasal spine, and nasal airways.

9. Correcting Nose Injuries

Nasal injuries can lead to issues such as indentations, bumps, crookedness, and more. Rhinoplasty can resolve the aesthetic effects of these injuries and straighten the nose, eliminating any signs of trauma. Dr. Saple’s expertise in performing nose surgery ensures that your nose looks symmetrical and attractive, while also addressing concerns related to the nasal septum.

10. Improving Breathing

Some individuals suffer from a deviated septum, which makes breathing through the nose difficult. Rhinoplasty can adjust the internal structures of the nose, straighten the septum, and improve nasal breathing. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your nose but also its functionality, providing a dual benefit. In a way, nose surgery can help you to recover from breathing difficulties.

Rhinoplasty is a transformative surgical procedure that can address a wide range of nose troubles, providing both aesthetic enhancement and improved functionality. Dr. Saple, an experienced surgeon, specializes in delivering exceptional results that combine aesthetic enhancement and improved functionality. Although often looked upon as a cosmetic surgery, many times, rhinoplasty is also done for medical reasons.

If you’re considering rhinoplasty to address any of these concerns, we encourage you to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Saple, a Board-Certified plastic surgeon. She will provide expert guidance, tailored recommendations, and a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve the nose you desire, both in form and function.

So if you are looking for nose reshaping, have a broad nose, facing saddle nose deformity, wide nose, crooked nose or having breathing difficulties due to your nose, Dr. Anjali Saple, with her expertise in plastic surgery, can help you to deal with it and have a straight nose with proper looks and functionality.  

Dr. Anjali Saple
Dr. Anjali Saple

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